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CEO- Mr. Jonathan Bishop

Jonathan Bishop has been integral in creating change and growing companies for over 15 years. He headed organizations throughout Boston, New Jersey and New York before being promoted to President of a technology company in Portland, Oregon in 2009. During that time, Jonathan increased new revenue streams by adding new markets and developing cutting edge internal programs while being responsible for reorganizing and restructuring the entire platform.

Jonathan has transformed NutraNomics into a forward-thinking nutraceutical formulator, bringing CBD into appropriate existing plant-based formulations to provide a superior product with advanced bio-availability to provide healthy solutions. He has guided Nutranomic’s vision to bring health to vulnerable populations throughout the world through agricultural expansion and scientifically addressing the issues afflicting the population.

Current Press Releases

We are committed to keeping our investors up to date on our company and our strategy.
Newsletter May 24, 2019

Dear Shareholders,

2019 has been an amazing ride so far for NNRX. We have been extraordinarily busy due to the time of year and what this means in the world of hemp. We are very close to being able to release specifics to the market, but in the interim we wanted to give those following NNRX an update.

We will be announcing the NutraNomics executive team in the near future. We have been phenomenally fortunate to be able to secure some of the most seasoned administrative talents for NNRX in all of our market sectors. In future announcements, you will see mentions of the buildout of our Agricultural team who is tasked with the acquisition, analysis, and management of the farming and extraction aspects of NNRX global strategy. This team will cover both domestic and international production lead by an experienced leader with 35-years experience and supported by executives and directors with substantial, real-life experience in growing and extracting hemp.

While the Agricultural sector is encompassed in our BioMedical Division, there is some significant overlap with our Wholesale Materials Division lead by a genuine powerhouse experienced in not only driving sales and engagement but analyzing trends and capturing data required to help predict market demand. The isolate/distillate markets have made a predictable swing this year away from isolates and more towards full or broad-spectrum distillate to take advantage of the benefits of the whole plant. As with all products and extractions associated with NNRX, our products have less than .3% THC, making them federally legal (with zero psychoactive effect) under the existing and somewhat cloudy laws regarding CBD.  We expect more clarity in the near future regarding how the FDA will address labeling and access to products with CBD and are poised to move quickly on the release.

Our Operations and Contract Services team has also filled out with new officers and directors leading the growth and expansion of the company. The Contract Service Division is responsible for the marketing and sales of NutraNomics created products, as well as other non-NNRX products that require a more robust marketing arm to drive sales through partnership and platform marketing.

Internally, NNRX has moved forward with some significant new product development. On deck for a complete redesign is our top seller, which is being reformulated to go from being absorbed through the digestive tract to a pre-digestive delivery. This new delivery system provides for an almost instantaneous delivery into the bloodstream to provide the most immediate results. The product will be ready within 12 weeks with new branding and packaging to reflect our newly invigorated approach to health.

Hand in hand with the reformulation, we have two other products ready to be branded and brought to market, including our first product with CBD in a nano-sized format and featuring mangosteen, another powerful anti-inflammatory component. The two-in-one product provides an unparalleled nutraceutical designed to hit all the expectations when looking for immediate delivery into the system.  Also, on deck is a nano-sized Vitamin D supplement that will help anyone suffering from depleted levels.

NNRX has made some significant strides internationally. We are currently vetting several project opportunities – from the Caribbean to Africa to South America.  In order to maximize NNRX ability to take advantage of both European finance opportunities and licensing for import and export of hemp into the EU, NutraNomics has opened a UK subsidiary, NUTRANOMICA UK LIMITED.  In the near future, press releases regarding the specifics of this subsidiary and its operators will be disclosed. We will also be in a position to announce all farming and acreage, both domestically and internationally, that has been finalized at that time. Key metrics for disclosure includes full execution of all agreements, funding in place, and approval for release publicly of quotes and information by our partners. We know that information is desired and want nothing more than to disclose everything we are working on. To remain responsible to the market and our partners, we are following strict protocols with regards to release of information. We do expect that you will be very pleased with the information through the balance of this summer and 2019.

One of the last points to touch on is the announcement of strategic partnerships. We are in a position to announce some very potent partnerships in the near future. Some are just waiting on the final review of agreements, others are waiting on PR approval. Suffice it to say that when we are in a position to make an announcement, we will do it often and with gusto.

As always, we appreciate the dedication of our shareholders and the tenacity with which you pursue information and validation. While your enthusiasm is appreciated, it also presents a challenge. We are working diligently to get as much work done in this critical period. From the inside, this is the most time-consuming aspect of what we are working to accomplish. From the outside, it may look like there is not a lot going on. Still waters run deep, however. Rest assured that we are working daily to accomplish critical path tasks and goals. On the advice of counsel, we have opted to put off our Shareholders meeting until the end of the summer. In the interim, we will be posting regular press releases as they become vetted and meet our strict criteria for release.

Our goal is to provide transparency while remaining true to the covenants made to the markets and required by law. This is not always an easy aspect to straddle. During the first half of this year, we have poured all our efforts into our BioMedical and Wholesale Materials Divisions, turning now to a greater focus on Contract Services and Sales. We will be able to transition more time and effort into communications, but if they are sporadic, just know there is a good reason for it.

Thank you as always. We appreciate the opportunity to pursue a unique course in bringing highly effective nutraceutical products to market featuring cutting edge absorption and delivery science.

Jonathan Bishop
CEO NutraNomics

Newsletter March 26, 2019

Good Day Shareholders,

Currently, NNRX is in negotiations with a handful of countries and key domestic contributors to the expansion of the biomedical farming division that will provide a global footprint for the company.

We are not prepared to release exact acreage, but these particular countries and strategic partners are impactful for many reasons, with several that provide a ‘climate advantage’ in our agricultural planning, providing for multiple ‘turns’ in any given year. Under this plan, 1000 acres functions like 3000 acres when you can harvest three times a year.

In each international and domestic expansion, NNRX will employ our unique ‘Eco-Strategy’.  Each location will house not only farming of multitudes of acres but also include secondary processing of the hemp into marketable commodities. Our Eco-Strategy has two distinct focuses on the processing side. The first being the processing of the hemp into crude, distillate and isolate which is the primary focus of most hemp-based programs. NNRX has taken this one step further to create a market out of the lowest CBD content in the plant – the stems, stalks, hulls, and seeds – into materials ready for the textile and building materials industries among others. Our Wholesale Materials Sales division will be taking orders for extracted products as well as the raw materials needed for other important product sectors.

Our unique Eco-Strategy approach will expand to include greenhouses to further the genetic focus, both in seed propagation and cultivar laboratory settings, and will utilize our green-power partner, TerraFormance, in any area where power is insufficient. A closed system facility will be integral in producing the type of product that high-end manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies require for their raw materials, including the products that NNRX manufactures. This approach is poised to elevate NNRX products and the wholesale extraction materials in our method as the go-to producer of genetically focused extracts.

In tandem, NNRX continues to expand formulation and genetic science strategies through research and development.  Our Science Team is pursuing new formulations to be released in Summer of 2019 featuring proprietary technology in the new pre-digestive formulations, considered the cutting edge in absorption and blood flow.

NNRX has been truly blessed that this growth and momentum has continued to lure the finest executives to join NNRX in its pursuit for the highest level of innovation in both the plant-based formulations and the farming arena. We are excited to bring those high-powered executives forward in the near future. NNRX will always continue to be an aggressive move forward working on both immediate and long-term growth.

We appreciate your continued support in our growth and look forward to providing more details in the near future.  


Jonathan Bishop
CEO NutraNomics

Newsletter March 11, 2019

Dear Shareholders,

NutraNomics is not in the habit of responding to negativity, false statements and destructive behavior. We encourage challenging opinions and constructive insight. To reiterate, Mr. Waldron is not part of our operations or our future. The intent and collaboration with Mr. Waldron was an opportunity to elevate both organizations to prosper and strengthen the collective portfolio. However, NutraNomics will always lead and prioritize the highest level of integrity for its current and future shareholders. This was very challenging for Mr. Waldron, so therefore there is no point in discussing him further.

For most investors, that will not be enough, however. This will be the last and only reference NNRX makes with regards to this situation. The merger failed for several reasons, not just one. Primarily the merger failed because Mr. Waldron issued his termination of merger letter in response to the final set of documents meant to finalize the merger. When all is said and done, Waldron failed to perform on many fronts:

  • Provide historical evidence of his ability to perform – No financials or verification of income in any historical window was provided as required by the final merger documents despite two months of requests.
  • Provide any evidence of land owned or under lease – No leases were provide, nor land found under Hidden River Hemp. No acreage was provided as required by the merger documents.
  • Farming in Maine is not currently legal – there is a moratorium on farming in Maine for all cannabis and hemp. Waldron attempted to commit NNRX to the purchase of a building for a genetics/cultivar lab in Maine without 1) having any licensing possible for the location and 2) signed his name to a contract to purchase when only the CEO of the company can commit the organization to a purchase of this magnitude. In the best light possible, this represents gross negligence.
  • Demanded a ‘Weinstein Waiver’ to assure he wouldn’t be dismissed for demeaning and misogynistic comments made by him at any time during his tenure.
  • Demanded a “Super Vote” on the board of directors so that he could overrule all other parties.
  • Never provided legal structure documents for either Hidden River Hemp or GenOne12, the last of which was determined not to be a formal entity at the time the Legally Binding LOI was signed.
  • Debt was disclosed but materially different than what was revealed by the lawsuit.

We did see his irresponsible and unsubstantiated video. That and the supporting website makes us really sad for him and for his family.

We all move on now!


Jonathan Bishop

CEO NutraNomics


Newsletter March 5, 2019

Dear Shareholders,

We can not comment on things we are working on beyond what we have published. Once we have formalized plans, we will communicate that via PR or newsletter. As we have announced:

1. Waldron Out – BioMedical Farming Division program nearly complete. Details to be offered once formally confirmed and have real acreage statistics with real partners that can perform.
2. Terraformance – finalization on the partnership is in the works. Specifics to be released shortly

We understand that the investment community wants updates. We can only update responsibly and can provide zero speculation. We have only announced what we have actually been able to formalize and will continue to operate in a responsible manner regarding investor concerns.

We appreciate your interest and support of NNRX. Please send specific questions you would like to ask via email. If it is something we can answer, it has to be answered to the markets and not to one investor at a time. Our shareholder meeting is scheduled for April with specifics to be announced as soon as they are confirmed.

Thank you again. We do really appreciate the tenacity and voracity of our investment community and are doing everything we possibly can to protect and promote the interests of NutraNomics domestically and internationally with our current path. Patience will be rewarded.

Thank you.

Investor Relations

Newsletter March 4, 2019

Message from CEO Jonathan Bishop

Good Morning Shareholders,

I had a completely different message I wanted to deliver to you this week. I wanted to tell the NutraNomics story to assist in understand the evolution of NNRX, from before I started nearly three years ago to where we are today. I envisioned addressing many of the questions presented by shareholders to help fully appreciate the current direction of the company and our plans. 

Instead, we will address the elephant in the room. NutraNomics has severed ties with William Waldron. The failed merger has also resulted in the dismissal of Waldron as the President of Biomedical AG Division of the company. This extends to any and all interests in his companies. This endeavor was started with the best of intentions, however, NutraNomics is committed to partnering with companies dedicated to transparency and a true sense of partnership. Details of Mr. Waldron’s legal issues with BioMatrix Labs LLC have revealed different and distressing information than previously held by NNRX.  It bears mention that no funds were exchanged with Mr. Waldron and no monies were paid to NNRX at any time for his contemplated merger.

NutraNomics has continued to grow our path in the farming arena. NNRX’s new BioMedical Farming division is in the process of finalizing the details of the unique ‘eco-system’ method, which provides a holistic approach to farming locations, domestically and internationally. We are anxious to deliver some amazing news to the markets that we have been working hard to mature to a point that we are able to share with our investors. We have made significant strides in finalizing our farming division.  While we were disappointed to see our negotiations with Will fall apart, we learned a tremendous amount in the process. Learning experiences can be painful, and we are pained by what has evolved with Mr. Waldron, but we are convinced this break is the best thing for NutraNomics longevity and prosperity.

Of utmost importance to NutraNomics is the focus on the science aspect involving the genetics of our crops. We need to keep our eye on the ball regarding those components we can produce to promote health and healing. Announcements on the future structure of our BioMedical Farming Division will be released shortly.

NNRX Shareholder’s meeting is still scheduled for April. Please send any questions you would like answered to

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to giving you some very exciting updates in the near future. 

Jonathan Bishop
NutraNomics, Inc.

Newsletter February 25, 2019

Dear Shareholders,

Thank you for your continued support. It is clear to see that NutraNomics has a strong and dedicated following in the market today. We appreciate each and every shareholder. We focus on not only the business at hand and the future ahead, but also on our shareholders, every single day and strive to do our utmost in continuing to develop our company as a leader in the nutraceutical industry.

We accept that our communication has room for improvement. As CEO, I take responsibility for that.  The way that I take responsibility is not just in words but also in action, to change and do better. With that in mind, we are putting programs into place to improve upon our communications with you.

In the near future, you will see more and regular press releases. As with most prudent companies, we are cautious in all our releases. We don’t want to overstate, over-promise or under-deliver. Unfortunately, we are not able to give each individual investor an update or talk about plans that are not yet fully executed. We are not allowed to disseminate different information to each investor, which puts us at odd with our own goal of communicating with you more frequently.

We have what we believe to be a working compromise.

We will start initiating a regular newsletter to our Investment Community. Our goal is to do twice a month outreach. We understand your desire for details, and we also want our communications to be valuable and all outreach is required to be accurate. We have had a busy first part of the year building partnerships and maximizing opportunities to help us reach our long-term goals. More news about this is forthcoming.

As we build, you will start to hear from our NutraNomics team members, our upcoming product lines, our scientific advances that lead to new formulations, and the partnerships we are cultivating to bring an ‘ecosystem’ structure to our agricultural communities, domestically and potentially abroad.

In April (Date TBD), we will have a shareholder’s meeting. In order to be included on our email correspondence, please send an email to Investor Relations at We will add you to our list for notification of this event and delivery of all emails and press releases direct to your inbox. If you have any specific questions you would like answered, feel free to send them via email and we will do our best to answer them for all in this format.

We ask that you be respectful of our Mergers and Acquisition partners. When announced, these folks have just finalized our agreements and we are at that point collectively moving forward in the implementation of our joint goals. There has been some significant and intrusive digging into our partners, not all of it constructive. We are happy to answer questions, as are our partners (see email address above). Our partners have the same challenges we do in our communications, to be conscious of our position and respect that we are a publicly traded company required by law to abide by specific rules…even on the OTC.

Thank you again for your support. The NutraNomics Team is excited to start responsibly revealing our path, our goals, and our aspirations of utilizing plant-based nutrition to heal the world.   I think you will like where we are headed.


Jonathan Bishop
CEO NutraNomics

Our Story

NutraNomics is committed to bringing to life nutritional products that enhance the health of those who use them. To us, that means innovation is key. Research in the field of nutrition is on the incline as we learn more about the interaction between nutrition and overall health.

By choosing, NutraNomics, Inc. you will be working personally with our team of leading innovators including the renowned doctors and a comprehensive team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, alternative medicine practitioners, and more. Our deep ingredient, sourcing, and formulation expertise will become your asset as we assist you with product formulation and enhancement, initial product development, and introduce concepts and enhancements to your product concept that you may have never considered.


Following formulation, development, and production, our avenues for distribution have been developed through an affilliate program. Selling the product through our reputable resources ensures market exposure and enhancced revenue potential.

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