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The Plant

As a holder of California licensing for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution, including an active Type 7 manufacturing license for volatile, non-volatile and solventless extraction methods, The Plant possesses broad production capabilities for innovative formulation and delivery methods. Manufacturing includes a highly diverse array of innovative product categories including capsules, tablets, beverage products, concentrates, edibles, inhalables and topicals. In addition to production capabilities across most product types, complimentary manufacturing services are also available such as white label and private label development, contract packaging, biomass sourcing, full distribution services and R&D.

Vertical Integration Strategies

Vertical Integration, as a strategy, is critical to optimizing costs across all facets of production, ensuring tighter quality control, and ensuring a better flow and control over your Company’s supply chain. Our financial and strategic focus on vertical integration allows our subsidiaries to realize immediate streamline advantages in operations by taking direct ownership of various stages of the production process, rather than relying on external resources and suppliers.

Funding And Execution Strategies

Vertical Integration is financially demanding especially in the early stages of a firm’s evolution, and access to capital in this stage is critical to success. With access to a wide number of financial resources at its disposal, NutraNomics brings forward a lifeline of capital necessary to get the job done. This level of confidence from our investment community allows NutraNomics to be active, methodical and responsive to opportunities that make sense to our Vertical Integration strategies. A supporting staff of seasoned securities counsels and financial services managers give NutraNomics its best chance to support current and future acquisition opportunities and strategic partners. This approach gives us a leg up in our pursuit for growth. We are committed to affording our partners optimal control of their supply chain which leads to greater efficiencies, reduced costs and increased net earnings.

Investment Funding Strategies

NutraNomics has a methodical, good-sense approach to identifying and qualifying prospective strategic partners and subsidiary acquisitions. Our investments are focused on companies with effective business plans that complement the overall NutraNomics market approach and vision for growth. Our M&A strategy enables strategic growth through logically positioned, integrated and operationalized mergers and acquisitions that produce win-win results for all participants. We understand that every type of deal is different, requiring custom integration approaches, priorities and operating models that complement our corporate plan with a keen understanding of the importance of undertaking coherent and integrative M&A’s.


Driven by focus on clinically-proven formulas with applications in nutritional supplements, personal care, and post treatment therapy, NutraNomics is a significant contributor to innovation and product development within the nutraceutical market. Growing consumer awareness surrounding the importance of organic and healthy food consumption has resulted in increased demand for nutraceuticals in the U.S. and beyond.  In our pursuit of healthy, plant-based solutions for traditional medical issues, we are incorporating cannabis into our unique 280+ proprietary formulations in our efforts to become a recognized global producer of life-changing end-user products and medical raw materials (full-spectrum oil and distillates). This extends to sales and brand recognition of cannabis-based manufactured products featuring nano-technology and superior absorption and bioavailability to provide the best possible nutraceutical at the most affordable prices.

Our Mission

At NutraNomics, our mission is to support and empower our partner companies through critical investment funding and vertical integration resources. Through trust and genuine collaboration, NutraNomics is committed to the application of industry-leading plant-based nutritional science and innovation toward the production of superior quality products for our customers.